UBT Tirana

UBT is a leading education institution in the region operating in different cities such as Prishtina,
Tirana, Lipjan, Ferizaj and Prizren. UBT Tirana was established in 2010 and has been registered
in National Registration Center in the Republic of Albania.

UBT Tirana is a central body in UBT, aiming to enhance the research, development and growth
via introducing new and diverse working methodology in research and other organizational
approaches towards advancement of quality assurance in different levels of operation.
Furthermore, UBT fully supports UBT Tirana through its three centers which are focused on
research excellence and are presented as follows:

- Center for Research & Innovation Development
- Center for International Cooperation & Mobility
- Center for Academic Development & Quality Management
The outcomes of the research activities conducted in UBT are inevitably delivered and applied to
UBT as a whole. They consist of new perspectives and learning methods from which UBT could

In Albania, in the past 5 years, UBT has organized annual international conferences in Business,
Technology and Innovation. These conferences have been organized in collaboraton with other
partner Albanian Universities ( University of Tirana, University of Vlora and University
Aleksander Moisiu Durres etc).