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We offer for QMS Modular Courses and send you the following offer for Trainings for

Quality Systems Managers (QM) with Examination and Quality Auditor with Examination.

with detailed description of the courses.


Courses: 6 (six) module


Participants: min. 10, max. 20 participants


Dates: September 2011.


Trainer: Prof. Dr. Edmond Hajrizi and other certified trainers from Quality Austria


Duration: 24 days in 10 weeks.


Place: University for Business and Technology in Prishtina



 Trainings for Quality Systems Managers (QM) with Examination (Certification): / € 1.490,00

 Training for Quality Auditor with Examination (Certification): / € 490,00

{Fee includes trainer honorary, flight, hotel accommodation, local

transportation, translator, course manuals, seminar rooms and

equipment and catering, examination and certificates}.


1. Module: Foundations of Integrated Management Systems (IMS)


This course is the basis for the entire training program towards becoming a system  representative and system manager  in the areas of quality management, environmental management, safety and health protection management. The goal is to put diploma holders in the position to understand their organization as a system, to recognize the functions and potentials of  management systems, to implement the integration of management systems and to develop them further. The fundamentals of conveying expertise are methods of process and project management along with norms and standards. Techniques in quality management for communication, presentation and documentation are taught in a practice-oriented manner and are further developed in group work in the form of concrete assignments.





Target  Groups

 Specialists who are responsible for implementing and maintaining quality, environmental, and

Occupational health and safety management systems.



 Fundamentals of management systems

 System management as expertise

 Management of processes and projects

 Norms, standards and their application (in particular ISO 9000ff, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001)

 Communication, presentation and documentation, reporting

 Group work / case studies



4 Day(s), 09.00- 17.00




2. Module: Quality Management Systems (QMS)



The improvement of systems and processes with the help of quality management systems requires detailed expertise on the series of standards ISO 9000ff. This training course teaches comprehensive know-how of ISO 9000ff, its correct interpretation and its application in quality management. The second focus of this training course is on legal frameworks such as warranty, guarantee, product liability and the Acton Corporate Criminal Liability as well as the management of contractual obligations, be it in outsourcing or in the supply chain.



Mastery of the Quality Austria course Requirements of Integrated Management Systems


Target  Groups

Persons who are responsible for the interpretation and/or the maintenance of quality management





 Quality management principles

 QM-system process model

 Analysis and interpretation of standards

 Improvement and optimization of systems and processes

 Statutory framework conditions

 Managing of contractual obligations

 Group work/case studies



3Day(s),09.00- 17.00




3. Module: Applied Integrated Management Systems (IMSA)



This course teaches the best possible application of tools and methods for building, integrating and optimizing management systems . Priority is in the conveyance of method competence in applying tools, tested in practice, to concrete tasks in the company. Furthermore, you will learn about the application of various approaches for improvement programs, projects and activities such as FMEA, KVP, Six Sigma, 2Q Method, Quality Circle, QDF, etc.



Mastery of the Quality Austria courses:

 Requirements of Integrated Management Systems

 Quality Management Systems


Target  Groups

Persons who are in charge of the integration and further development of quality management




 Techniques and methods in the scope of system design, quality improvement programs,     projects and activities.

 Analysis techniques, preparation and presentation of information

 Creativity techniques, problem solving techniques

 Evaluating / Decision – making / Monitoring

 The seven quality tools


 Group work/Case studies



3Day(s),09.00- 17.00



4. Module: Strategic Tools and Organizational Development(IMOE)



This course teaches know-how regarding strategy and change processes in organizations and Highlights the interactions and correlations in systems. The focus is on cross-linked thinking in the sense of comprehensive under standing of the system, change management in the context of organization development and how to deal with resistance and resulting conflicts. Interfaces and points of contact to the Business Excellence Assessment Model will be developed. Commercial aspects of quality management such as quality costs, shadow costs or brand value are the concluding focal point of this course.



Mastery of the courses:

 Requirements of Integrated Management Systems

 Quality management systems


Target  Groups

Senior and junior managers who integrate quality / environmental / safety and health systems and

Further develop organizations.



 Organization development, management models

 Corporate culture and awareness raising


 Tools for the development of the company strategy

 Change management, leadership

 Business Excellence

 Commercial  basic principles

 Quality related costs



3Day(s), 09.00- 17.00


5. Module: Statistical Methods for Decision Making (QME)



This course focuses on techniques and methods of controlling and steering on the bases of examining and measuring. Based on quality planning products, this course teaches how to measure processes and  systems along the supply chain as well as how to measure customer satisfaction and loyalty. Required knowledge from  the fields of statistics, measuring technology and appertaining methods competence, form  the contents of this course. Group work will cover examples for application from topics from the entire series of courses.



Mastery of all courses in the Quality course series (see Course Structure)


Target  Groups

Senior and junior managers who further develop quality management systems and organizations.



  •  Testing  and measuring

  •  Quality planning, test planning

  •  Quality measuring of products and processes

  •  Measuring of customer satisfaction and loyalty

  •  Quality measuring in the supply chain

  •  Statistical design of experiment (DoE)

  •  Probability models and distribution

  •  Statistic evaluation procedures

 •   Control of non-conformities



4 Day(s),09.00- 17.00

1. Exam: Exam Quality Systems Manager (QMP)



The contents of the examination relate to fields of knowledge and skills pursuant to the courses

 Integrated management systems - requirements

 Quality management systems

 Integrated management systems – methods and tools

 Integrated management systems – strategy and organizational development

 Statistical methods for solution finding



4-years of qualified professional experience, of these, two years in quality assurance or quality

management, qualification in accordance with the above mentioned courses



The written examination consists of multiple – choice questions and lasts 60 minutes. The oral examination consists of group facilitation (solving a given case), lasting 1-1/2 hours and concluding presentations per candidate.



Upon successful completion of the examination, the Quality Systems Manager certificate will be

issued. Likewise, upon application, the EOQ Quality Systems Manager certificate.


Validity of Certificate

3 years






Criteria for Extension

 Proof (e.g. confirmation by the employer, interim certificate, self-certification)about 3 years of  professional  experience in the field of quality management

 Refresher course for quality managers and quality auditors where they can choose their focus of  refresher course of Integrated Management Systems or attendance of one of the following 



o Senior Quality Manager

o Corporate Social Responsibility

o Risk Management



2 Day(s),09.00- 17.00



6. Module: Quality Auditor



This course is suitable for executive and junior managers who must assess, evaluate and improve

management systems regardless of the structure and size of an organization.



Valid Quality Austria certificate Quality Manager.


Target  Groups

Managers and junior managers who have to evaluate, assess and improve management systems

Regardless of an organization`s structure and size



 ISO 19011:2002­ its current status

 Implementing internal and external audits

 Working with interdisciplinary audit teams

 Types of audits

 Preparing for audits, audit questions, checklists, preliminary  checks, auditing on site

 Audit analysis (with methods) and audit report

 Correction and improvement measures for the overall optimization of management systems

 Process-oriented audits

 Qualification criteria for auditors

 Communication theory and techniques, status / function / activities / roll, position of the

auditor, flow of discussions, negotiation techniques

 Case studies



5Day(s),09.00- 17.00


2. Exam: Examination Auditor (subsequent)



The examination draws on the content of the Quality Austria Auditor course.



   •   Valid certificate for Quality Austria Quality Systems Manager. Likewise, an equivalent EOQ certificate.

   •   Participation in the Quality Austria Auditor course.

   •   Written proof (e.g. letter from employee, interim certification, personal statement) of 4

       Years work experience, at leas two of which are quality related.

   •   Experience executing or assisting quality management system or EM or OH &S System




The written examination consists of multiple choice questions and lasts 30 minutes. The oral

examination consists of an interview about the subject matter and communication techniques and

lasts 15 minutes.



If proof of experience can not be presented before the examination, it is still possible to sit the

examination. In this case, successful candidates are awarded the status of Auditor Pending. As soon as the proof is presented the certificate will be revised.







    Upon successful completion of the examination and presentation of proof of experience, the

candidate will receive either:

Certificate For Quality Austria Auditor Quality Management Systems

Upon application, that of EOQ Quality Auditor.

    Those with the Quality Austria certificates for Quality Systems Manager will receive all certificates if:proof of experience in both fields has been submitted. If proof of experience has not been presented, the respective auditor certificates will be issued with the status "candidate". Customers with all three certificates can get the certificate for Integrated Systems free of charge.


Validity of Certificate

3 years


Criteria for extension

 Proof of 3 years work experience in the field of quality management (e.g. letter from

            employee, interim certification, personal statement).

 Proof of at least 4 completed quality management system audits or EM system audits

            amounting to a total of 20 audit days.

  Refresher courses for Quality Systems Managers and Auditors.



Registration for the course automatically registers the participant for the examination on the last




Every course concludes with an examination. A Quality Austria certificate is issued upon successful

completion. Graduates can use these certificates to their competitive advantage as proof of


National  Certificates

Graduates of Quality Austria courses will receive Quality Austria certificates in accordance with EN ISO/IEC 17024 upon passing the irexaminations. Because of Quality Austria's accreditation as a personnel certification body, the certificates are equivalent to state-licensed diplomas. Certificates are automatically sent out upon course completion.

The validity of Quality Austria certificates is limited to 3 or 5years. After attending a refreshercourse, a request for validity extension can submitted along with proof of required work experience.


International  Certificates

Quality Austria is the only organization in Austria authorized to issue international EuropeanOrganization for Quality EOQ certificates that are recognized in 34 countries.

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